Wide Format Printing

Print amazing and colourfull printouts of your AUTOCAD designs, drawings, maps, images, charts on A2, A1 and A0 paper or cards.

Product Summary
Printout: Full Colour A2, A1 and A0

Material: 150gsm Matte paper, 100 gsm bond, photocard etc

Starting at ₦2,000/per copy
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Wide Format Price
S/No Material Price
1 A2 Paper 2,500
2 A2 Paper (Charts, AutoCAD, drawings, Maps) 2,000
3 A1 Paper 5,000
4 A1 Paper (Charts, AutoCAD, drawings, Maps) 4,000
5 A0 Paper (Charts, AutoCAD, drawings, Maps) 9,000
6 A2 Card 3,000
7 A1 Card 6,000
8 A0 Card 12,000